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Pidgin + Skype >> skype4pidgin plugin v LM 18.x Čteno: (1)

Linux Mint CZ&SK 18.12.2017 12:43 Napriek množstvu negatívnych komentárov na adresu komunikátora Skype, ho používa značné množstvo používateľov GNU/Linux-u. Aj keď existuje niekoľko iných alternatív, žiadna ho, čo do funkčnosti, zatiaľ, nedobehla. Starší návod … Číst dále →

Ubuntu 3509-3: Linux kernel regression Čteno: (1)

LinuxSecurity.com 15.12.2017 10:15 LinuxSecurity.com: USN-3509-1 introduced a regression in the Linux kernel for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Projekt Bolt zabezpečí váš Thunderbolt, povolí přístup jen známým zařízením Čteno: (1)

Root.cz 15.12.2017 00:00 Red Hat představil nový projekt Bolt, jehož cílem je zabezpečit rozhraní Thunderbolt. Za normálních okolností totiž umožňuje připojenému zařízení zaútočit na počítač. Bolt ale přidá do systému řízení přístupu. Rozhraní Thunderbolt vyvinul Intel ve spolupráci s Apple. V jediném kabelu integruje sběrnici DisplayPort, PCI Express a napájení. Řadič na jedné straně multiplexuje všechny potřebné datové linky do sběrnice, na jejímž konci se další řadič postará o rozdělení na původní sběrnice. Jedná se tak o velmi univerzální spojení, které je dostatečně rychlé na připojení externích grafických karet či monitorů.

RedHat: RHSA-2017-3473:01 Moderate: qemu-kvm-rhev security update Čteno: (1)

LinuxSecurity.com 14.12.2017 23:25 LinuxSecurity.com: An update for qemu-kvm-rhev is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 6.0 for RHEL 7. Red Hat Product Security has rated this update as having a security impact of Moderate. A Common Vulnerability Scoring System base score, which

SuSE: 2017:3324-1: important: the Linux Kernel  Čteno: (1)

LinuxSecurity.com 14.12.2017 22:16 LinuxSecurity.com: An update that solves two vulnerabilities and has two fixes An update that solves two vulnerabilities and has two fixes An update that solves two vulnerabilities and has two fixes is now available. is now available.

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Linux Tablet Driver Project Revived Čteno: (1)

Inkscape 09.12.2017 16:58 Our users on Linux have often had a very binary decision to make when it comes to graphics tablet hardware. Buying a Wacom tablet and having it work fairly well, or buying something much cheaper but not having any guarantee it would work or having an easy time of getting it working if it was possible. The have been around for a long time and their success owes much to Wacom themselves, who have invested manpower into making their drivers work. Other manufacturers haven't been as big or as forward thinking to invest in their Linux compatibility, so volunteers have often had to make up the difference. This brings us to Nikolai Kondrashov and his . It has been around for a while, volunteering with a to develop a for these other graphics tablets. But the project needs more resources to really be effective in supporting the wide verity of devices out there and Nikolai has how you can help by pledging a small amount that will go to fund the work he does on these drivers. This kind of work is invaluable to the Inkscape project, because we depend on drivers that allow our users to make great works with the tools they have. This goes doubly so for enabling poorer artists to user cheaper hardware, as lowering the barrier for making art is what we do here too. So please, if you have an interest, go .

Distribution Release: Univention Corporate Server 4.2-3 Čteno: (1)

DistroWatch.com News 30.11.2017 16:45 Univention Corporate Server is an enterprise-class distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux. It features an integrated management system for central administration of servers. Univention has released an upgrade to their 4.2 series, Univention Corporate Server 4.2-3. The new version features diagnostic tests to help trouble-shoot server and domain....

Distribution Release: Lakka 2.1 Čteno: (1)

DistroWatch.com News 28.11.2017 15:30 Lakka is a minimal Linux distribution which turns a computer into a gaming console. The distribution is based on LibreELEC and runs the RetroArch console emulator. The Lakka project has released a new version, Lakka 2.1, which features an updated Linux kernel, Samba 4 support and RetroArch 1.6.9.....

Development Release: Qubes OS 4.0 RC3 Čteno: (1)

DistroWatch.com News 28.11.2017 06:45 Andrew David Wong has announced that the third release candidate for Qubes OS 4.0 is now ready for testing. Qubes OS is a Fedora-based, security-oriented desktop Linux distribution with a strong focus on system security; this is achieved through what the project calls "compartmentalisation", a feature that allows....

Distribution Release: Linux Mint 18.3 Čteno: (1)

DistroWatch.com News 27.11.2017 16:45 The Linux Mint team has announced a new update to the project's 18.x series. The new version, Linux Mint 18.3, is a long term support release and will receive updates through to the year 2021. The new release features an updated software manager which makes it easier to....

Announcing Season of KDE 2018 Čteno: (1)

KDE.org 19.11.2017 02:43 KDE Student Programs is pleased to announce the 2018 Season of KDE for those who want to participate in mentored projects that enhance KDE in some way. Every year since 2013, KDE Student Programs has been running Season of KDE as a program similar to, but not quite the same as Google Summer of Code, offering an opportunity to everyone to participate in both code and non-code projects that benefits the KDE ecosystem. In the past few years, SoK participants have not only contributed new application features but have also developed the KDE Continuous Integration System, statistical reports for developers, a web framework, ported KDE Applications, created documentation and lots and lots of other work. For this year’s Season of KDE, we are shaking things up a bit and making a host of changes to the program. Schedule The 2018 Season of KDE will have more flexible schedule options for participants. They will now have the opportunity to choose between a shorter sprint project where the working period lasts 40 days or the usual full duration project with a working period of 80 days. The timeline is:1st - 26th December 2017: Participant and Mentor Application Period30th December 2017: Projects Announced1st January 2018, 00:00 UTC: Official SoK Work Period Begins9th February 2018, 23:59 UTC: End of Work Period 21st March 2018, 23:59 UTC: End of Work Period 25th March 2018: Results Announced31st March 2018: Certificates issued and sent out Beginning of Q3 2018: Merchandise and Schwag sent out by courier Teams For the first time, we are now welcoming applications from teams of up to 2 people to participate in the same project. Teams may only participate in full 80-day projects. Shorter sprint projects are still only open to individual participants. Cross-Organisation Projects Do you want to see KDE software work well on other operating systems? Do you want KDE applications to integrate better with another desktop environment? Do you want to see applications from elsewhere integrate better with KDE? In the 2018 Season of KDE, we are specially looking out for projects that can help integrate KDE better with other free software projects. We welcome mentors from other projects who’d like to help our participants in their efforts and encourage applications from participants who’d like to work on such a project. Participants will need to have a fairly reasonable grip on both KDE and the partner organisation’s projects, as well as a point of contact in the other organisation that can offer support throughout the duration of the project. If you are from another FOSS Project, have a concrete idea of something SoK participants can implement and would like to mentor them for it, please get in touch with us directly. A Grand Prize The 2018 Season of KDE will accept a maximum of 6 projects. We will score each project based on objective criteria, and after completion of the project, the one with the highest score will win this year’s Season of KDE. The participants from the winning project will have a chance to attend , KDE’s annual world conference, which will be held in Vienna from August 11th - 17th, 2018. All travel and stay expenses will be paid for by KDE. At Akademy, you will have the chance to meet people from all around the world who make KDE possible, present your project to them, mingle with some of the brightest minds in the world of free software, and lose yourself in one of Europe’s historic centers of music and culture. Getting Started Prospective participants are advised to get in touch with us even before the application period begins to discuss possible projects. You can connect with us at #kde-soc on IRC, via our , or contact the maintainer of an application you want to work on directly. If you’re looking for project ideas, you can find some on our . Prospective mentors are requested to add ideas to this page, so that we have a central repository of project ideas that may be used for both the 2018 Season of KDE and GSoC 2018. Participants and mentors can apply once applications open. Dot Categories:

Akademy 2018 - Vienna, Austria - 11-17 August Čteno: (1)

KDE.org 17.11.2017 15:50 Source: Vienna Calling! This is not only a song by the famous austrian singer Falco, but could also the motto for next years Akademy. In 2018 will be held at the in , Austria, from Saturday 11th to Friday 17th August. The conference is expected to draw hundreds of attendees from the global Community to discuss and plan the future of the Community and its technology. Many participants from the broad free and open source software community, local organizations and software companies will also attend. Akademy 2018 is being organized together with . Apart from representing and counseling computer science students, they engage in diverse political topics e.g. FOSS, Privacy and social justice. Akademy 2018 Program Akademy 2018 will start with a 2-day conference on Sat 11th of August & Sunday 12th of August, followed by 5 days of workshops, Birds of a Feather and coding sessions. Vienna and Akademy Vienna, the capital of Austria, has around 1.8 million inhabitants. It is located in the middle of Central Europe, next to the river Danube. With it's rich history, ranging from Roman times via being the capital city of the Habsburg Empire to being a modern city, rated Number one in diverse studies on quality of living. TU Wien and Akademy Almost all buildings of TU Wien are very close to the city center. From the venue a 10 minute walk from the venue will bring you directly to the inner city. With a total of around 30000 students, 6000 are studying Computer Science at TU Wien. About Akademy For most of the year, KDE—one of the largest free and open software communities in the world—works on-line by email, IRC, forums and mailing lists. Akademy provides all KDE contributors the opportunity to meet in person to foster social bonds, work on concrete technology issues, consider new ideas, and reinforce the innovative, dynamic culture of KDE. Akademy brings together artists, designers, developers, translators, users, writers, sponsors and many other types of KDE contributors to celebrate the achievements of the past year and help determine the direction for the next year. Hands-on sessions offer the opportunity for intense work bringing those plans to reality. The KDE Community welcomes companies building on KDE technology, and those that are looking for opportunities. For more information, please contact . Akademy 2017, Almería Dot Categories:

Fedora 26: knot-resolver Security Update Čteno: (1)

LinuxSecurity.com 16.11.2017 21:49 LinuxSecurity.com: Major updates for Knot DNS and Knot Resolver: Knot Resolver 1.5.0 Darwin Improvements ------------ - new module ta_signal_query supporting Signaling Trust Anchor Knowledge using Keytag Query ; it is enabled by default - attempt validation for more records but require it for

Fedora 26: knot Security Update Čteno: (1)

LinuxSecurity.com 16.11.2017 21:49 LinuxSecurity.com: Major updates for Knot DNS and Knot Resolver: Knot Resolver 1.5.0 Darwin Improvements ------------ - new module ta_signal_query supporting Signaling Trust Anchor Knowledge using Keytag Query ; it is enabled by default - attempt validation for more records but require it for

DSA-4035 firefox-esr - security update Čteno: (1)

Debian.org - Debian Security Advisories 16.11.2017 04:45 Several security issues have been found in the Mozilla Firefox web browser: Multiple memory safety errors, use-after-frees and other implementation errors may lead to the execution of arbitrary code, denial of service or bypass of the same origin policy.

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