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One-chip MAX10 FPGA-based module enables hardware security

19.08.2021 19:12 Skudo is crowdfunding Kryptor FPGA, a single-chip hardware security module based on an Intel MAX10 FPGA. At $129 and up, the board embeds a soft-core suite of security encryption functions. A free Raspberry Pi API for Linux is available for the module. Estonia-based Skudo went live earlier this week on Crowd Supply with its

Pi HAT brings Time-Sensitive Networking to Raspberry Pi 4

18.08.2021 19:01 InnoRoute has launched its “Real-Time HAT,” a HAT for Raspberry Pi 4 that enables support for TSN and other real-time protocols. The Artix-7 FPGA-based HAT supports TSN and PoE through its 3 GbE ports. InnoRoute has rolled out the Real-Time HAT, a HAT that brings Time-Sensitive Networking capability to the Raspberry Pi 4. At

Qualcomm’s latest drone platform features 5G and seven cameras

17.08.2021 16:11 The “Qualcomm Flight RB5 5G Platform” runs Linux on Qualcomm’s octa-core, 15-TOPS QRB5165 and offers 7x up to 8K30 cameras for 350° obstacle avoidance plus WiFi 6 and 5G for autonomous beyond line-of-sight operation. Qualcomm Technologies announced its third-generation reference drone platform and the first to support cellular communications. The Qualcomm Flight RB5 5G Platform

Pine64 preps 10.1-inch E-Ink tablet with RK3566

16.08.2021 15:19 Pine64’s upcoming “PineNote” E-ink tablet will run Linux on a Rockchip RK3566 and offer a 10.1-inch, 1404 x 1872 grayscale touchscreen plus 4GB LPDDR4, 128GB eMMC, mics and speakers, USB Type-C, WiFi 5, and an EMR pen. More so than other community-backed hacker board projects, Pine64 experiments with alternative open-spec form factors in addition to

i.MX8M Plus powered Pico-ITX has stackable expansion board

13.08.2021 17:43 Ibase’s “IBR215” Pico-ITX SBC runs Linux or Android on the i.MX8M Plus with 3GB LPDDR4, 64GB eMMC, 2x GbE, 3x USB, HDMI, M.2 B-key, and an optional expansion board with E-key, mini-PCIe, 2x CAN, 2x MIPI-CSI, and more. Ibase announced a 105 x 72mm “2.5-inch” SBC based on NXP’s quad -A53, 2.3-TOPS i.MX8M Plus. The

Intel’s Elkhart Lake powers three new thin Mini-ITX boards

12.08.2021 23:43 MiTac’s “PD10EHI,” DFI’s “EHL171/EHL173,” and ASRock’s ”IMB-1004” thin Mini-ITX boards extend Intel’s 10nm Atom x6000 with triple displays, USB 3.1 Gen2, SATA, M.2, and PCIe. DFI and ASRock also offer 2.5GbE. Earlier this week, ICP Germany announced a thin Mini-ITX PD10EHI board with Elkhart lake from its manufacturing partner MiTac, but the

SBC serves up Amlogic’s NPU-equipped A311D with PoE and HDMI in and out

11.08.2021 22:14 Geniatech’s “DB10” AI dev kit runs Android 11 or Linux on Amlogic’s hexa-core -A73 and -A53 A311D with up to 4GB LPDDR4 and 64GB eMMC plus HDMI in and out, MIPI-CSI, USB, GbE with PoE, 802.11ac, and mini-PCIe. Geniatech has posted a product page for an SBC built around Amlogic’s hexa-core, NPU equipped A311D, which

UP Xtreme x11 SBC with Tiger Lake opens at $299

11.08.2021 17:59 Aaeon’s 11th Gen Tiger Lake powered” UP Xtreme x11” SBC is open for pre-order starting at $299 , with shipments due in September. Highlights include 3x M.2, PCIe x4, 1GbE, 2.5GbE, 3x USB 3.2 Gen2, and USB 4.0 Type-C. Last November, Aaeon Europe’s UP! Bridge the Gap community announced the UP Xtreme i11 SBC based

4K2K PDAF camera targets i.MX8M and i.MX8M Mini

10.08.2021 23:43 THine’s $239 “THeia-Cam” runs Linux and V4L2 on its THP7312-P ISP and is designed for use with NXP’s EVKs for the i.MX8M and i.MX8M Mini. With its Sony IMX258 PDAF sensor, the camera module supports up to 3849 x 2160 @30fps, with 13MP modes in the works. Earlier this year we looked at THine Electronics’

Open-frame touch panel offers Android and Ubuntu options

10.08.2021 18:32 Avalue’s IP65-protected “OFT-07W33” is a 7-inch, open-frame touch panel PC that runs Android, Ubuntu, or Win 10 on Intel’s Apollo Lake along with 2x GbE, 4x USB 3.1, HDMI and COM, and 2x mini-PCIe for mSATA and WiFi. Avalue has announced a 7-inch, WXGA, open-frame panel computer equipped with an Apollo Lake processor. The semi-rugged,

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