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TUXEDO Computers Becomes the Newest KDE Patron

14.09.2021 10:22  Herbert Feiler, CEO TUXEDO Computers. , a company known for selling Linux-powered computers and notebooks, now joins us as a KDE Patron! "Our customized Linux notebooks are equipped with KDE Plasma, which leads to a positive response from our customers", said Herbert Feiler, CEO TUXEDO Computers. "Furthermore, we additionally do our own development work, which could benefit KDE as upstream as well. We are happy to share our knowledge and would like to secure as well as expand KDE's development work in the long run. Feedback that we receive from customers can also flow directly into KDE's development work." "For KDE, reaching and serving end-users is part of our reason to exist and TUXEDO can be a great ally in this endeavour." said Aleix Pol, President of KDE e.V. "Together, we will get to expand our frontiers and create systems and tools to further serve our users. It's especially encouraging to see TUXEDO's commitment to join our development communities and collaborate towards making KDE products better for everyone." TUXEDO Computers joins KDE e.V.’s other Patrons: The Qt Company, SUSE, Google, Blue Systems, Canonical, Enioka, Slimbook and Pine64 to continue to support Free Open Source Software and KDE development through KDE e.V.

Announcing the Winner of the Plasma 25th Anniversary Edition Wallpaper Contest

01.09.2021 11:16  We are happy to announce the winner of the Plasma 25th Anniversary Edition Wallpaper Contest! Thanks to all those who submitted their artwork. The variety and quality of the submissions in this edition was simply astounding. As always, there were multiple great options and it was very hard to choose. It was a very close call! But at the end, we have a winner: ! Patak will make its official debut on October 14, when Plasma 25th Anniversary Edition is finally released.

The Call for Hosts for Akademy 2022 is now officially published

01.09.2021 07:56  Akademy 2022 is on its way and, despite the continuing pandemic, we are aiming for some in-person aspect for our next conference. For the upcoming Akademy, we are looking to host it later in 2022, as we expect travel to be a bit more attainable and safe by then. Ideal dates would be in late summer or autumn 2022, specifically late August through October. If you are interested in hosting Akademy in your city, please send a letter of intent or interest before a full bid by the middle of October 2021. In addition, we ask that you assemble a team of at least 3 people before applying. Details of what to expect and what we are looking for are in the If you have any questions or concerns we will be very happy to offer advice and a helping hand, so feel free to reach out anytime! Please submit all letters of intents and bids to

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