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The best Linux apps for Chromebooks

21.01.2019 23:00 ComputerWorld: Make your Chromebook even more capable with this carefully selected set of Linux apps for expanding Chrome OS's potential as a business tool.

Governance without rules: How the potential for forking helps projects

21.01.2019 22:00 opensource.com: Although forking is undesirable, the potential for forking provides a discipline that drives people to find a way forward that works for everyone.

CNC milling with open source software

21.01.2019 21:00 Create your favorite designs with a DIY CNC milling machine based on open source software and an Arduino controller.

Get started with WTF, a dashboard for the terminal

21.01.2019 20:00 Keep key information in view with WTF

Top 5 Linux Server Distributions

21.01.2019 19:00 Linux.com: Ah, the age-old question: Which Linux distribution is best suited for servers?

Nákup a prodej Bitcoin

A Use Case for Network Automation

21.01.2019 18:00 LinuxJournal: Use the Python Netmiko module to automate switches, routers and firewalls from multiple vendors.

Should You Run Linux Apps on Your Chromebook?

21.01.2019 17:00 LinuxInsider: Linux apps now can run in a Chromebook's Chrome OS environment.

Devlink Health Reporting Recovery System Queued For Linux 5.1 Kernel

21.01.2019 16:00 Phoronix: Networking maintainer David Miller has queued the Devlink Health Reporting Recovery System into the net-next tree ahead of the Linux 5.1 merge window.

Linux 5.0 rc3

21.01.2019 07:00 Linus Torvalds: This rc is a bit bigger than usual. Partly because I missed a networking pull request for rc2

Zipping files on Linux: the many variations and how to use them

20.01.2019 19:00 NetworkWorld: There are quite a few interesting things that you can do with "zip" commands on Linux other than compress and uncompress files.

How to Install Visual Studio Code on Debian 9

20.01.2019 15:00 Linuxize: Visual Studio Code is a free and open source cross-platform code editor developed by Microsoft.

Inkscape 1.0 Open-Source Vector Graphics Editor Is Finally Coming After 15 Years

20.01.2019 03:00 Inkscape is quality SVG editor that runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows systems and can be used to create or edit vector graphics like logos, diagrams, illustrations, charts, and anything else in between.

Get started with Cypht, an open source email client

19.01.2019 23:00 Integrate your email and news feeds into one view with Cyph

The Evil-Twin Framework: A tool for testing WiFi security

19.01.2019 19:00 Learn about a pen-testing tool intended to test the security of WiFi access points for all types of threats.

Using Linux containers to analyze the impact of climate change and soil on New Zealand crops

19.01.2019 15:00 Method models climate change scenarios by processing vast amounts of high-resolution soil and weather data.

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