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Purism Partners with Nitrokey to Reinforce the Security of Their Linux Laptops

20.05.2018 03:00 Purism announced that it partnered with cryptography and GPG pioneer Werner Koch to create a new encrypted communication standard for its security-focused devices,

Linux tail Command Tutorial for Beginners

19.05.2018 23:00  HowToForge: Sometimes you want to monitor what new information is being written to a file , or for whatever reasons, want to access the last few lines of a file.

Convert files at the command line with this Pandoc Cheat Sheet

19.05.2018 19:00 Download new cheat sheet of common Pandoc options and handy syntax for frequently used conversions.

Getting started with regular expressions

19.05.2018 04:00 Get up and running with regex in no time.

How to Install a Kubernetes Docker Cluster on CentOS 7

19.05.2018 00:00 HowToForge: Learn how to install and configure Kubernetes and Docker on CentOS 7

Nákup a prodej Bitcoin

How To Install Ncurses Library In Linux

18.05.2018 23:00 ostechnix: GNU Ncurses is a programming library that allows the users to write text-based user interfaces .

Retro-inspired arcade racer Slipstream to release May 21st, developed on Linux

18.05.2018 22:00 GamingOnLinux: This is great, not long after the rather good release of Horizon Chase Turbo, we have another retro-inspired racer with Slipstream.

Build a Simple Android Photo App with Jasonette

18.05.2018 21:00 ScribblesAndSnaps: For someone who doesn't write code for a living, creating even the simplest Android app can be a daunting proposition.

Useful Linux Command Line Bash Shortcuts You Should Know

18.05.2018 20:00 These shortcuts allow you to easily and in a fast manner, perform certain activities such as accessing and running previously executed commands

How to reset lost root password on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver Linux

18.05.2018 19:00 LinuxConfig: Learn how to reset the lost root or user password on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver Linux.

How to find your IP address in Linux

18.05.2018 18:00 opensource.com: Every website has a unique, public IP address that can be reached by anyone and from anywhere.

Gnome Shell Dash To Panel Gets Intellihide, Configurable Window Previews Size

18.05.2018 17:00 LinuxUprising: The Gnome Shell Dash to Panel extension combines the Dash with the top Gnome panel.

How to Install Kernel Headers in CentOS 7

18.05.2018 16:00 Tecmint: When you compile a custom kernel module such as device driver on a CentOS system, you need to have kernel header files installed on the system

The desktop belongs to Electron

18.05.2018 15:00 The Verge: Under the hood, Electron is powered by the Chromium rendering engine and Node.js.

Red Hat Virtualization 4.2 Gains New SDN, High-Performance Features

18.05.2018 13:00 eWEEK: While containers are increasingly Red Hat's focus, hypervisor-based virtualization is still a need for many enterprises.

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