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zpravodajství ze světa linuxu

How open source hardware increases security

31.10.2018 21:00 Want to boost cybersecurity at your organization? Switch to open source hardware.

8 creepy commands that haunt the terminal

31.10.2018 20:00 Welcome to the spookier side of Linux.

Criptext Is A New Encrypted Email Service That Doesn't Store Your Emails *

31.10.2018 18:00 LinuxUprising: The service uses the open source Signal Protocol to encrypt emails from end to end.

Linux xz Command Tutorial for Beginners

31.10.2018 17:00 HowToForge: There are several ways to compress and decompress files in Linux.

Textile - simple lightweight markup language

31.10.2018 16:00 LinuxLinks: Textile is a lightweight and simple markup language that makes it easy to structure content for articles, blogs, wikis, and documentation.

Nákup a prodej Bitcoin

Restore Running Applications after Hibernation in Ubuntu

31.10.2018 15:00 At times, we are running some important applications on our system but for some reason, our system goes into hibernation mode.

Remote desktop capabilities still missing in Fedora Workstation after 2 years with Wayland

31.10.2018 14:00 Fedora 29 is the forth major biannual release of Fedora Workstation to not support remote desktop out-of-the box

3 scary sysadmin stories

31.10.2018 13:59 opensource.com: Terrifying ghosts are hanging around every data center, just waiting to haunt the unsuspecting sysadmin.

The Silver Searcher - A Code Searching Tool for Programmers

31.10.2018 07:00 The Silver Searcher is a free and open source, cross platform source code searching tool similar to ack but faster.

Machine learning with Python: Essential hacks and tricks

31.10.2018 03:00 Master machine learning, AI, and deep learning with Python.

Create animated, scalable vector graphic images with MacSVG

30.10.2018 23:00 Open source SVG: The writing is on the wall

OpenStack Foundation Says Its Open Source Edge Platform StarlingX Is Ready to Fly

30.10.2018 22:00 DataCenterKnowledge: Wind River said the code was made open source at the insistence of potential customers.

Open Source Racing Game Speed Dreams Available On Flathub

30.10.2018 21:00 LinuxUprising: Speed Dreams, a free and open source 3D racing game, is now available on Flathub, making it easier to install on Linux.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6 Launches with Improved Security

30.10.2018 20:00 eWEEK: The new release of Red Hat's flagship Linux platform adds TPM 2.0 support for security authentication, as well as integrating the open source nftables firewall technology effort.

DF-SHOW - A Terminal File Manager Based On An Old DOS Application

30.10.2018 19:00 ostechnix: DF-SHOW is a terminal file manager for Unix-like operating systems.

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