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How to Install Elxis CMS on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

25.11.2018 03:00 Elxis CMS is a free and open source CMS written in the PHP language that allows us to create a website from small to websites to corporate websites.

Gaining eBPF vision: A new way to trace Linux filesystem disk requests

24.11.2018 23:00 A real-world use case of eBPF tracing to understand file access patterns in the Linux kernel and optimize large applications.

How to Automatically Delete Old Files from Trash on Linux

24.11.2018 19:00  MakeTechEasier: Permanently deleting a file can cause problems/putting it in the Trash bin isn't good either

Dell XPS 13: The best Linux laptop of 2018

24.11.2018 15:00  ZDnet: Do you want the best of the best Linux laptop this holiday season and price is no object?

The Linux desktop: With great success comes great failure

24.11.2018 03:00  ComputerWorld: Linux is both the most popular operating system and a niche end-user OS.

Nákup a prodej Bitcoin

Linux Regex Tutorial using sed awk

23.11.2018 23:00 In order to successfully work with the Linux sed editor and the awk command in your shell scripts, you have to understand regular expressions or in short regex.

How To Install and Secure phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

23.11.2018 19:00 HowToForge: phpMyAdmin is a free and open source administration tool for MySQL and MariaDB.

How to future-proof your IT job in the age of AI

22.11.2018 23:00 Future-proof your IT career and show value in new ways.

The great "DevOps engineer" title debate

22.11.2018 19:00 EnterprisersProject: "DevOps engineer" is currently the most recruited engineering job.

Sorry, Linux. Kubernetes is now the OS that matters

22.11.2018 15:00 InfoWorld: The operating system no longer really matters.

Configure GIMP 2.10 To Use Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

22.11.2018 08:00 LinuxUprising: Learn how to install Photoshop keyboard shortcuts in GIMP 2.10.

Give your students edit access to their course syllabus

22.11.2018 04:00  opensource.com: I wanted to give students more agency in their learning. So I let them make pull requests against the syllabus.

How do we handle and use such enormous amounts of data?

22.11.2018 00:00 The Command Line Heroes podcast tells us why our big data questions require scalable, open answers.

How machine learning is supercharging content management

21.11.2018 23:00 Machine learning and artificial intelligence are boosting the power of WordPress and other open source content management systems.

Getting started with software-defined networking

21.11.2018 22:00 Configure and isolate Linux containers with SDN and Container Network Interface plugins.

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